Fintech Use Cases

Understand how a Fintech business can solve its use cases with CleverTap Signed Call.


User security is of utmost importance in fintech businesses. The fintech businesses can improve the customer experience with the CleverTap Signed Call while uplifting retention rates. The following are real-world examples of how Signed Call can solve business challenges.

Use Case 1

Challenge - A user wants to raise a query related to a bank account. The user is unsure whom to call and does not want to share their contact number while calling for security and privacy reasons.

Solution - With CleverTap Signed Call, a user can request an in-app callback. Once the call is initiated, there is no need for the user to explain the context of the call, thus ensuring speedy issue resolution. Also, phone numbers are not shared, which protects user privacy and security.

Use Case 2

Challenge - A caller asks users to upload confidential documents to complete the loan application process or verification. The user is unsure whether the caller is authentic or a fraud trying to acquire and misuse this information.

Solution - CleverTap Signed Call powers in-app calls that allow authorized personnel to initiate calls to a user. This, in turn, means that whenever users look at their incoming call screen and find the brand's logo powered by Signed Call, they know it is authentic. It also improves the call success ratio by building trust in the brand. These calls can also be recorded for training and audit purposes.

Use Case 3

Challenge - A user is browsing through different insurance policies on the website and is planning to buy one. The user is unsure about the specific terms and conditions of the policy and which one is best suited for his needs. An instant query resolution can help users accelerate their decision-making process.

Solution - With CleverTap Signed Call, while the user is browsing through the website, the product champions can initiate a call that will land on the user's webpage without forcing the user to move away from the browser. You do not need a phone number or any user's details to initiate a call, ensuring privacy at all times.