Content Manager

Learn how to use CleverTap's Content Manager.


The Content Manager allows you to create and organize templates centrally. Additionally, it also allows you to store and organize media files. By using templates, you can streamline the content creation and marketing processes.


Private Beta

Currently, this feature is a Private Beta Release. If you want access to this feature, contact your Account Manager.

Key Benefits

A Content Manager offers numerous advantages for efficient marketing operations. It streamlines various aspects, such as ensuring brand consistency, facilitating scalability, and saving time. Additionally, it enables user access control and compliance enforcement, making it an invaluable tool for modern marketing teams.

Benefits of a Content Manager:

  • Ensures Brand Consistency
  • Facilitates Scalability
  • Saves Time by Reusing Templates
  • Enforces Brand and Legal Compliance
  • Provides User Access Control

User Access Control Features

The Content Manager allows controlling template access via a role-based access. It offers the following benefits:

  • The template design team can create and save templates
  • Campaign team can access templates within their campaigns
  • Segregation of responsibilities enhances collaboration
  • Safeguards template integrity and brand guidelines

Elements of Content Manager

The content manager contains two sections:

  • Templates: Allows you to organize and save your templates.
  • Files: Allows you to save and reuse image files.