Crash Analytics Partner


Apteligent, a mobile application platform, helps build better and faster applications by providing application performance insights. The CleverTap and Apteligent integration sends crash events to CleverTap. This information helps you with the following:

  • Create audiences of application users to engage through in-app and push messages. For example, apologize for a crash instance and let the users know that a fix is on its way.
  • Detect if the application is having an outage and stop sending push notifications.

How does it work?

The Apteligent SDK creates a notification that is triggered when the SDK detects a crash. This notification is fired when an iOS user loads the app after a crash. The notification contains the following information:

  • Crash Name: The name of the crash (i.e., NSRangeException).
  • Crash Reason: More details on why the crash occurred (i.e., "*** -[__NSArrayM objectAtIndex:]: index 18446744073709551615 beyond bounds for empty array")
  • Crash Date: The date and time when the crash occurred.

Integrate Apteligent with CleverTap

This process involves the following two major steps:

  1. Register an Observer
    To register an observer, add the following lines of code:
[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self



Ensure that you add this code before you initialize Apteligent SDK.

  1. Send an Event Upon Notification

Log the crash event and update the CleverTap user attributes with data from Apteligent's crash reporting analytics after receiving the notification.

To do so, add the following lines of code:

- (void) crashDidOccur:(NSNotification*)notification {
NSDictionary *crashInfo = notification.userInfo;
NSString *crashName = crashInfo[@"crashName"]];
NSString *crashReason = crashInfo[@"crashReason"];
NSDate *crashDate = crashInfo[@"crashDate"];
// CleverTap
[[CleverTap sharedInstance] recordEvent:@"ApteligentCrashEvent" withParameters:crashInfo];