Creator Approver


Creator Approver is a security feature that enables you to have increased control on who can send campaigns within your organization.

Within your marketing team, you might have one person who is responsible for creating campaigns in CleverTap, and then have a second person who reviews and approves these campaigns before they can be sent. The Creator Approver feature enables this workflow in CleverTap by requiring approval from that second person before a campaign can be sent.

As part of this feature, we introduced a new role called Approver. Users in this role have the ability to approve campaigns created by users in the Creator role. Once the Approver Creator feature is enabled in your account, a Creator will not be able to send a campaign, unless it is approved by a user in the Approver or Admin roles.

Enable Creator Approver

The Creator Approver feature is not enabled by default. Please contact your CleverTap sales representative, or email CleverTap support ( to enable it in your account.

Campaign Workflow with Creator Approver Enabled

After the Approver Creator feature is enabled in your account, there will be a new workflow to send campaigns.

Step 1
The Creator creates a campaign in CleverTap.

Step 2
The Creator requests approval to send the campaign. This sends an email to the Approver or Admin to review the campaign, and then decide either to approve or not approve the campaign.

Step 3
If the Approver or Admin approves the campaign, the campaign is sent. If the campaign is rejected, the campaign is not sent.

Creator Approver

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