Restricted IPs

Understand how organizations can use the IP Whitelisting feature to restrict access to their dashboard.


CleverTap's Settings page is now updated with a new Security section that includes IP Whitelisting and Multi Factor Authentication (2FA). These features make the process of authentication more intuitive and self-serve for the customers.

IP Whitelisting

The CleverTap dashboard showcases business-sensitive information such as revenue, app installs, conversions, and so on. You might need to restrict the dashboard access to certain administrative users after integrating CleverTap SDK for different business reasons.

Only administrators can whitelist or restrict required IPs.


Authorization Optional

This feature is optional for organizations. After the admin adds the IP addresses, only those sets of IPs have access to the dashboard.

Whitelist IP Addresses

After the administrator whitelists IP addresses, only those sets of IPs have access to the dashboard.


Access to IP Whitelisting Feature

Only authorized individuals/admins have the right to Add/Delete IPs to manage access to the dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security > IP Whitelisting
  1. From the IP whitelisting page, click +IP Address to add a new IP address.
  2. Enter the specific IP address and click Save IP address.


Delist IP Address

If the admins intend to delete an IP, click the Delete iconDelete iconicon available on the right side of each IP from the IP Whitelisting page. And, click Remove after the Remove IP address? dialog box opens.

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