Dormant User Profile

Understand the concepts of dormant profiles and their archival process in CleverTap.


A dormant user is a user profile that was active in your app in the past but is not active anymore. The criteria for considering a profile dormant may vary based on the business platform and its use case. For example, a banking app might consider some user profiles as dormant users if they:

  • Have not performed any activity for some time in the past.
  • Have not received any message for some time in the past.
  • Are not reachable via any messaging channel.

Dormancy Criteria in CleverTap

The anonymous profiles are considered as dormant if:

  • They have not performed any event in the last six months (180 days), and,
  • They are not reachable across any channel, such as Email, Phone, Push, etc.

Archive Dormant User Profiles

The CleverTap system runs the dormant profile archival process every 15 days and continuously monitors user activities based on the archival criteria. After a profile is identified as dormant, the system archives it.

Key Benefits

The following are the key benefits of archiving dormant user profiles:

  • Improved Data Quality: Ensures that your data integrity is maintained and relevant to your business requirements.
  • Enhanced Data Analysis: Provides precise analytics and reachable user base details. This empowers you to make informed and business-critical decisions based on accurate real-time data.
  • Streamlined Active User Base: Declutters your active user base and ensures that your engagement efforts are focused on the most relevant and actively participating users.
  • System Performance Optimization: Archiving enhances system performance by decluttering the user base. This optimization allows for smoother operations and improved response times.