Win Back Uninstalled Users

Regulars Now a No-Show

Use our “Regulars now a no-show” campaign to tap existing users with a push notification when their usage declines below their average (the average is determined in the first 30 days of usage). If the user is absent from your app for a period as determined by our algorithm (roughly equal to +/- 2x), then they get your message.

For example, if a user’s average is once per five days and they don’t go into your app for 12-14 days, then they will get this message.

After clicking “Next >”, you can add a deep link so that clicking on this push notification will directly open that link for the user, and add an image to the push notification as well, as follows.

Tackle App Uninstalls

Use our “Tackle app uninstalls” campaign to reclaim lost users by sending an email to users who have just uninstalled your app. You can also use this email to survey users to find out the reasons for their uninstall.

You should now be good to go.

Updated 2 years ago

Win Back Uninstalled Users

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