Personalize Message


You can personalize the message for every user based on specific user property or event property values. For more information on user profile properties and events (dynamic replacements), refer to User Profiles and Events.

@ Personalization

To invoke the personalization menu, type the @ symbol in the title or the text fields while creating a message.

You can include emojis in your push notifications as you would in a regular text. You can use the CleverTap emoji picker or copy-paste emojis from an emoji keyboard online.

You can also add dynamic replacements in the title and body. Notice a preview as displayed below.


Add @Personalization Attributes

You can add emojis using CleverTap’s built-in emoji picker by clicking on the smiley face icon.

In addition to title, body, you can also personalize many other things such as media URLs, deep links, or button text. An @ icon in a box indicates that it can be personalized.


@ Icon to Personalize Message

Liquid Tags

Click the Personlization icon in the editor to open personalization options.

Liquid tags offer great flexibility in composing your message. You can have fixed or variable values and change the look and feel of your message by using liquid tags. Following is an example to send personalized coupon codes based on the type of membership:


Personalized Coupon Code Example

Each notification is personalized to the receiver.

Hello John!

Here is a special coupon for you: Gold4All

For more information on using tags, refer to Liquid Tags.

Linked Content

Linked content provides the ability to personalize emails with rich and contextual data available outside of the CleverTap platform. With linked content, you can send messages with send-time personalization.

For example, you deliver food across different geographies and you want to personalize offers to each user based on the weather and on their location. The location can come from CleverTap personalization and the weather information can come from an API that provides the current weather. If you want to add more information, you can opt for any source such as third-party tools and in-house software to include in your message.

For more information, refer to Linked Content.


Click the Personlization icon in the editor to open personalization options.

After you have uploaded a catalog, you can display personalized recommendations to your customers. For example, you can have a sliding carousel displayed to your customers based on their personal likes! For more information on recommendations, see Recommendations.


Click the Personlization icon in the editor to open personalization options. Select a catalog from the list.

A Catalog provides the ability to personalize campaigns with dynamic information in messages from product prices to inventory levels. You can create a new product catalog by uploading a file that contains one row for each item in your product catalog. A Catalog can be uploaded directly on the CleverTap dashboard via a CSV file that is generated by your inventory management system. For more information on Catalogs, see Catalogs.

Constant event property

Constant Event Property allows you to engage the user on multiple actions and inactions. For example, person A added to cart a white coat and person B added to cart a pair of blue jeans, but they both did not purchase the items.

You can either create a campaign for each product that was added to the cart or you can use a constant event property to personalize the campaign to each user that did not purchase the item.

For example, you can map the prod_name property of the charged event to the product_name property of the added to cart event. You can then hold this property constant across both events. Based on this property, you can now personalize the message received by each user. For more information on using a constant event property, see Constant Event Property.